Frequently asked Questions

May I complete the Tasmanian qualification events after my entry is submitted?

Entries are only accepted if you have already completed the qualifying events. All criteria must be met at the time of entry application.

I have completed my own trail run over 80km in a good time and am able to share the Strava details of it for my application.

Applications will only be considered for organised race events.

Am I able to use my phone or watch’s digital compass for the compulsory equipment which has enough battery life for the event duration?

An orienteering standard compass with a minimum 40mm dial is required.

What happens if not all the compulsory equipment are carried in the running pack through to the finish?

You will be listed as DNF and disqualified from future entry.

Is there a gpx file of the course to me to review?

Please find a link to a gpx file here. Please note the map and compass requirements in the compulsory gear list.